Setting up a Docker Swarm cluster with Vagrant and Ansible

For a Docker Swarm cluster I will use in this example: 1 manager node and 2 worker nodes. They will be launched by Vagrant with VirtualBox using the Ubuntu 16.04 image.

First we define the nodes in the Vagrantfile:

Make sure the nodes can reach each other in the same network.

Then we need to provision those nodes with Docker. For this I chose Ansible.

Let’s first create an Ansible play that installs Docker:

Then we need to initialize the Swarm cluster on the manager. For this I defined a separate Ansible play:

The last task in provisioning the master node is to store the “join token” in a shared file so that the workers can join the newly created cluster.

To have the workers join the swarm, create a separate Ansible play for the workers:

Finally add the Ansible provisioning to the Vagrantfile:

Note: because Ubuntu 16.04 ships with Python 3 instead of 2.x, we need to explicitly set the ansible_python_interpreter variable.

After this, just run:

And it will launch and provision the Docker Swarm cluster for you. When the cluster is running you can connect to the manager node at and start deploying services!

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